New installations for Bourges Nuits Lumière lighting event this summer

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The City of Bourges has announced that the Nuits Lumière event in Bourges, France will take place this year from 14 July to 26 September 2020.

Bourges, in central France, is known for its monuments such as the Jacques Coeur Palace or the Saint-Etienne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its ancient streets and timbered houses.

The Nuits Lumière is a free annual event that began in the city on 31 December 1999. It features light projections on historical sites in the city centre connected by a route illuminated with blue lanterns. The blue lights accompany visitors from one scenography to another and project a blue atmosphere, unique in France, creating an exceptional setting.

This year will feature a new scenography at the Garden of the Archbishopric: “the story of Ursin”.

Five original scenographies produced by Cosmo AV can be discovered in the route:
– The Gallo-Roman rampart
– The Lallemant Hotel
– The Estève museum
– The Jacques Coeur Palace
– The old Archbishopric

A projection of explanatory texts will also be offered before each scenography on the 5 sites, in French and in English.

Images: City of Bourges, E. Legouhy
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