New demonstration project on commercial street lighting in Lyon

A new demonstration project that combines commercial lighting with public lighting on a shopping street (rue de l’Ancienne Préfecture) was inaugurated in Lyon (France) on the 4th of December 2013.

The project brought together several stakeholders, including the public lighting department, shopkeepers and manufacturers to develop an innovative lighting solution for commercial streets – consisting of a luminous ramp equipped with trichromic LEDs.

This lights the ground surface and generates colorful and dynamic scenarios creating a warm ambiance on the street. The street can thus be lit differently based on different periods – sale season, holidays, etc. This smart lighting solution aims to help adapt shop lighting levels to the public lighting on the street.

The project has been developed by Tendance Presqu’île in partnership with Cluster Lumière, the City of Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes region and the shopkeepers on rue de l’Ancienne Préfecture.

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