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Varna Bulgaria


Varna is the biggest Bulgarian city on the Black sea coast with 26 centuries of history and artefacts from different civilisations. Varna is well known as a tourist centre and the greenest city in Bulgaria with its intelligent energy strategy. Currently the municipality works on improving the urban environment and the quality of life through regeneration of public areas and transport, lighting and infrastructure systems enhancement.



The municipality is responsible for

  • street lighting
  • decorative and architectural lighting
  • lighting for sports facilities
  • festive lighting

The maintenance of the public lighting is done by the muncipality of Varna. The mayor has signed contracts, in the framework of a public procurement procedure, with experienced companies, with highly skilled professionals and equipment for carrying out the work. The companies respond immediately to damage, accidents or irregularities reports.



Lighting master plan

The “Strategy for Sustainable Energy Development of the municipality of Varna 2012-2020.” sets a specific
Objective towards “intelligent street lighting” in Varna:

  • Reinforcement of energy efficient street lighting and implementation of energy efficiency measures,
  • Implementation of a system for automated street lighting control

Some recently implemented lighting projects

“Inteligent street lighting in the city of Varna” funded through the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund:

It is envisaged full rehabilitation and re-assembly of the existing luminaires and partial replacement with new. Segment boxes for street lighting in the project scope will be fully replaced by a new unified model, resulting in extended service life and increased reliability of the infrastructure of the street lighting. It aims to build a system for intelligent street lighting with full monitoring and management at an individual luminaire for all major streets in Varna and all first-class roads from the national road network passing through Varna. The objectives of the project are to:

1. lower the total electricity consumption,

2. improve the service management, reduce the operation costs and increase the reliability of street lighting,

3. shorten the time for locating faults in street lighting,

4. improve the traffic safety,

5. improve the quality and comfort of the light environment.

Perspectives for the future

A negative growth – 0.5% per year until 2020 – is set on energy consumption in street lighting, according to the „Strategy for
Sustainable Energy Development of the Municipality of Varna 2012-2020”,. The reason for this is the upcoming implementation of the project “Intelligent street lighting”, which, however, affects about 30% of the scope of street lighting. This project will lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission of 2600t/year. Also expect some expansion of the scope of street lighting and the quality of the light environment in the streets of lower category.



  • Number of lighting points: 31 000
  • Total power used for public lighting (kW): 3 000 000

Camembert Varna



A light show was organised within the framework of the candidacy of Varna for the European Capital of Culture 2019 on the municipal building. See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-FsHU6U5IU










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