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Rabat Morocco

Rabat is the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and home to the King’s residence, the Parliament and Government seat and numerous administrative, scientific, financial and cultural establishments. It has undergone remarkable expansion economically and socially with the installation of industrial, commercial, tourist and university units. The city is currently composed of 5 Urban Communes. Its urban area covers, in all, some 117.51 km2 and its urban population is estimated at 623 457 inhabitants (general population census)

Rabat, an imperial town, offers a rich and diverse cultural, artistic and historical heritage stemming from its glorious past marked by the Arabo-Islamic civilisation. This rich heritage attracts numerous tourists wishing to discover original customs and traditional arts as well as urban works of art and historical monuments such as Mohamed V Mausoleum, Hassan Tower, Chellah Necropolis, Oudayas Kasbah, mosques and various city ramparts and gates. Rabat has a large number of public libraries, in addition to foreign libraries belonging to the embassies accredited in Morocco. There are also three museums, a national institute of archaeology, music and dance, a higher institute for dramatic art and cultural incentive, and Mohamed V Theatre, said to be the best African theatre.




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