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Bharatpur Nepal

Bharatpur, the fourth largest city in Nepal with a population of over 280 000, joined the LUCI network in the summer of 2018.

The Bharatpur Metropolitan City vision and mission is to develop as a clean, green and safer city. The city, which has implemented several solar street lighting projects since 2014 with over 400 solar street lights installed so far, is looking to expand its public lighting network.

“There is a huge demand from the public for solar street lights, so we hope to gradually develop our solar street light network with participation from city residents,” says Renu Dahal, Mayor of  Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

Inhabitants contribute up to 30 % of the total investment and the central government contributes up to 65 % in solar street lighting projects.

“Our participation in LUCI’s Asia Urban Lighting Workshop in June 2018 inspired our municipality to join the network and improve our knowledge of urban lighting by learning from other cities,” says R. Dahal.




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