City and industry leaders weigh in on the future of smart lighting

We asked leading city representatives and industry partners to share their views on opportunities and challenges regarding the next steps for smart lighting. These were published in the ninth issue of Cities & Lighting, out Spring 2021.


Helene Qvist:

We need to ask the right questions and keep the rights of citizens above all else

💡 Helene is a Smart City Consultant for the City of Albertslund.
Read what she has to say here.

Zoltán Pap:

The main challenge for cities is how to coordinate the whole process of development to becoming a smart city

💡 Zoltán is the Managing Director of Budapest Flood and Public Lighting Company – BDK (City of Budapest).
Read what he has to say here.

Konrad Dressel:

More complex brings more performance, but also more vulnerability

💡 Konrad is a Lighting Planner for the Lighting Department of the City of Leipzig
Read what he has to say here.

Terje Rygh:

We will be more successful if we can move from proprietary systems to non-proprietary systems

💡 Terje is Smart City Advisor for the City of Stavanger.
Read what he has to say here.


Louis-Frédéric Robin:

Connected street lighting opens the scene for other smart city applications

💡 Louis-Frédéric is Director in charge of Cities & Infrastructures, Public Lighting & Safety Solutions at Engie.
Read what he has to say here.

Pierre-Emmanuel Richez:

This is an opportunity to respond to environmental challenges

💡 Pierre-Emmanuel is the Director of Vinci Energies France (Omexom).
Read what he has to say here.

Nicolas Keutgen:

Creating truly smart cities: why interoperability and governance matter

💡 Nicolas is Chief Innovation Officer for Schréder.
Read what he has to say here.

An edited version of this article originally appeared in   (Issue #9, Spring/Summer 2021).
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