The 2022 edition (December 8-9 2022), which is organized as part of LUCI’s 20th anniversary and a global reflection on the future of urban lighting, looked at the future of light festivals. Speakers shared their visions on eco-responsibility, sustainability, co-creation, international collaborations and more. The Forum was also a perfect opportunity to exchange between professionals during a moment of “Lightspeed Networking”.

The times in the programme reflect Central European Time (CET)
Programme details and timing are subject to change

The 2022 edition of LLFF is planned as only an in-person event in Lyon.

Thursday 8 December

Venue : Les SUBS / LE HANGAR (Les Subsistances, 8 bis Quai Saint-Vincent, Lyon)

16:00-17:30 | Light Festival Working Group meeting (LUCI members only)

18:00-19:00 | Cocktail reception and visit of some installations of the Fête des Lumière

(Open to LUCI members and guests registration required)

  • Sonia Zdorovtzoff, Deputy Mayor for International Relations, Cooperation and Solidarity, City of Lyon

19:00 | Visit of the Fête des Lumières

Join international peers for an informal tour through Lyon to discover some of the light
installations of this year’s festival.

Friday 9 December

(Open to all registration required)

Venue : Les SUBS (Les Subsistances, 8 bis Quai Saint-Vincent, Lyon)
Conference sessions will take place in Le Hangar

09:30-10:00 | Coffee and Registration

10:00-10:15 | Opening of the LLFF 2022

  • Audrey Hénocque, 1st Deputy Mayor, City of Lyon
  • Elisa Hillgen, City of Light Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä, representing the LUCI President
  • Jaap Schuuring, Head of Customer Learning, Signify

10:15-11:15 | Keynote: The Art of Imagining the Future

  • Mathieu Baudin, Director, “Institut des Futurs Souhaitables” (Institut of Desirable Futures)

A keynote on the air / era of time, and not just any since it is the one upcoming.
The era, in itself, etymologically bears its destiny. “Epoché” in Greek means parenthesis,
it opens and it closes… From the oracle of the Pythia of Delphi to the digital one of
Google, Man has always tried to anticipate the Future to understand, to seize his destiny
rather than to undergo it. Through a brief history of the future, this presentation shares
experiences from the practice of this art which, under the guise of Future, deeply
introspects the present. At a moment of metamorphosis, comparable perhaps to a new
Renaissance, imbued with tumults as much as transformative creativity, the conversation
will question what it would be essential to (re)shed light on.

11:15-12:45 | Roundtable discussion: The Future of Light Festivals

Towards new models of collaboration and the co-creation of the “Beacon of Hope”

  • Julien Pavillard, Director of the Fête des Lumières, City of Lyon
  • Ronald Ramakers, Director, GLOW Eindhoven
  • Elisa Hillgen, Lighting Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä
  • Craig Morrison, Artist
  • Moderated by Jessica Férey, Deputy Director, LUCI

This panel discussion invites speakers to reflect and share their visions about the future of light festivals, considering the backdrop of climate change and current societal developments. What is the meaningful role of light festivals for the future and within this evolving context? How do light festivals remain relevant for the local context but also internationally? How do light festivals adapt to have the most positive impact, with the least negative side effects?

The festivals in Lyon, Eindhoven, and Jyväskylä will reflect on these questions and provide the example of a new co-creation light art installation, “Beacon of Hope” that attempts to answer some of these questions in terms of addressing local and international challenges and involving strong community participation. 


12:45-14:00 | Lunch

14:00-15:30 | Creative Lighting Pecha Kucha Presentations

These sessions of “Pecha Kucha”- style speed presentations will be an opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing and exchange in the field of creative lighting. Hear from light festival organisers, artists, and designers about creative lighting projects.

Flashing festivals today

  • Maria Güell, Director, Llum BCN

Structuring and developing digital arts in France

  • Léa Conrath, Coordinator at HACNUM

INTERFERENCE Tunis – Public Light and Media Art Projects

  • Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi, INTERFERENCE Tunis

Coastal Breeze – Circular Lighting

  • Jaap Schuuring, Head of Customer Learning, Signify

Crossed Lab: Happy are those who are cracked for they shall let in the light !

  • Julien Taïb, Producer, Crossed Lab

Exploring Bioluminescence

  • Sophie Hombert, CEO, Design Aglaé

15:30-16:00  Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 | (Light)Speed Networking Moment

Take part in this new format of speed networking to meet other participants and share your own dreams and visions for the future of light festivals.

17:3019:00 | Cocktail reception and toast to LUCI 20 Years

  • Sylvain Godinot, Deputy Mayor for Energy Transition and Heritage, City of Lyon

19:00 | Bus towards Institut Lumière (Rue du Premier Film, 69008 Lyon)

20:00 | Visit of “Beacon of Hope” installation at Institut Lumière

Images: © City of Jyväskylä; ©City of Lyon; ©LUCI