Watch the videos of the Lyon Light Festival Forum 2020!

In December 2020, LUCI and the City of Lyon presented the 2020 edition of the Lyon Light Festival Forum (LLFF) – the network’s annual event on creative lighting.

As the Covid-19 pandemic persisted across the world, LUCI had made the decision to turn the LLFF  into a fully online event. 400 professionals from 67 countries attended the three-day event.


Session 1: The Evolution of Creative Lighting to Reimagine Cities

Many cities around the world use creative lighting and light festivals to strengthen their city’s brand and create a unique identity while attracting visitors and elevating local residents’ pride in their city.

As more and more cities employ these lighting strategies, how can they ensure that they remain unique and interesting for locals and tourists? How are cities reimagining their nightscapes using these creative lighting technologies?

Session 2: The Transformation of Light Festivals to Adapt to the New Normal

The year 2020 and the Covid crisis will have brought major challenges to the management, design, and general daily operations of a city. Some of these challenges have impacted the events, festivals and creative lighting projects organised by cities. Beyond this, however, political directions are shifting, more attention is being placed on sustainability and environmentalism, and our light festivals must adapt. This session will explore how light festivals have transformed in the face of Covid but also how they are thinking of evolving to keep up with the many changes in the world.

Pecha Kuchas

During Creative Lighting Pecha Kucha Sessions, Light festival organisers, artists, and designers share about creative light projects and innovations in the field.

Isabelle Corten (Radiance35)Craig Morrison
Rik van Stiphout (City of Eindhoven) & Studio ToerKate Harvey (Artichoke)
Matthieu Graffin (Citeos/Omexom)BIBI
Filip Avramchev (Skopje Light Art District)Nathalie Tilmant (Bright Brussels)

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