Watch the videos of the Lyon Light Festival Forum 2018!

Session 1: Lights up! Using lights for creative cities

The number of both permanent and temporary creative lighting projects has increased in recent years as cities search for ways to stand out in a strong competitive global context. In addition to using light as a tool to attract tourists or brand a city, how can a city’s lighting strategy contribute to its overall creativity? How can creative lighting projects help drive citizen engagement? City representatives and festival organisers will discuss the various ways they have implemented such strategies and share insights about the opportunities and challenges that arise.

Moderated by Thierry Marsick, Director, Department of Urban Lighting, City of Lyon (France)
  • Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Director and Advisor to the Mayor, International Affairs, City of Oulu (Finland) 
  • Maria Güell, Artistic Director, LLUM BCN (Spain) 
  • Ann Wishart, Arts Development Manager, Leeds City Council; Chair (UK), Light Up the North LUTN
  • Michel Lemieux, Artistic Director, Cité Mémoire & Lemieux Pilon 4D Art, Montréal (Canada) 

Videos filmed with the support of Signify Lighting Academy (Pioneers of Light)

Session 2:  Bright ideas: new forms of creative lighting

Building upon the first session’s conversations around cities’ creative lighting strategies, this session will showcase concrete examples of new forms of creative lighting projects and events emerging throughout the world. How do these new forms of lighting respond to cities’ and citizens’ needs? Light artists, designers and academics will discuss innovations in this realm, from media facades and projections to light sculptures and installations.

Moderated by Jean-François ZurawikDirector, Fête des Lumières, City of Lyon (France)

  • Jérôme Donna, Lighting Designer and Artist, Department of Urban Lighting, City of Lyon (France)
  • Titia ExArtist (The Netherlands) 
  • Thorsten Bauer, Creative Director, Urbanscreen (Germany) 
  • Howard GriffinSenior Lecturer and Programme Director, MA Architectural Visualisation, University of Kent (UK)

Videos filmed with the support of Signify Lighting Academy (Pioneers of Light)