Eindhoven has been a source of light for the world since the founding of the match factory in 1870 and the Philips light bulb factory in 1891. Every November, the city celebrates its heritage with the GLOW festival. This enormous exhibition in public spaces features 30 famous national and international light artists. The artworks are connected by a 6-kilometer walking route through the city center.

In addition to the light art projects and numerous side events, GLOW includes an exhibition of innovative, unique works of art created by young talents. Each artist creates a project based on the annual theme. The 2022 edition of GLOW, held from 12 to 19 November, marked a shift towards the future. The event’s vision is “Light Art for All,” with core values of being striking, connecting, accessible, and innovative.

Dates of the previous/upcoming edition: 09 – 16 November 2024