LUCI People : Maja Brzic


Public Lighting Expert at the City of Dubrovnik


  • Your main responsibilities at work are: maintenance, investments and reconstruction of public lighting, with special reference to the lighting of the historical city centre. I am also in charge of implementing energy efficiency activities in buildings in cooperation with UNDP Croatia and providing technical support for the preparation and implementation of projects that deal with new technologies in electrical and mechanical engineering (renewable energy, solar lighting, solar cooling, etc.).


  • The best part of your job is: dealing with the dynamic environment surrounding new technologies.


  • The lighting department in Dubrovnik is: an independent department with people eager to learn about and test new solutions; always searching for new knowledge and pushing boundaries beyond the usual methods of planning and implementing lighting.



Place of Birth:
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Educational background:
B.Sc.EE. from the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) in Split, Croatia
Previous jobs:
Designer of electrical systems and site manager at Konel d.o.o., Dubrovnik




  • The key ingredients of a successful urban lighting project are: knowing the existing state of the system before planning a new one is a really good start; then knowing your needs and wishes linked with your capabilities in both financial and technical terms; good cooperation and communication with designers, and later, with suppliers and contractors.
    You just need to have “a thing” and a great interest in doing something spectacular and innovative!


  • In an ideal world, the most appropriate lighting solution for Dubrovnik would be: LED technologies, smart system, totally controlled.


  • The biggest professional challenge that you face is: the replacement of all the sodium lamps by LEDs in the city streets in a way that is compatible with the existing equipment and disposition of lighting masts, while at the same time trying to avoid any major construction work. The other major challenge is definitely lighting the old city core of Dubrovnik, which is under protection of the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO.


  • Your best professional experience so far was: lighting the old city core of Dubrovnik.


  • Your favourite piece of lighting equipment is: basically any lighting equipment that I can “play” with (projectors, LED RGB…).


  • A city that inspires you for its overall lighting is: Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I have never seen it in real, but I’m amazed about how they are making the city a living test ground for lighting.


  • Your professional goals for the year ahead are: to expand my knowledge about new technologies. 


  • Besides lighting, you are passionate about: many things. Maybe even too many considering the free time I actually have. Professionally speaking, that would be lighting and graphic design, and on a personal level, it is definitely travelling, diving, hunting…


  • Finish the sentence: “Light in the city is… an amazingly simple way to enhance every city’s beauty, showing it during the night when it could remain hidden in the dark.
    A great tool for creating breathtaking scenes!




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