LUCI is partner of International Day of Light 2018


In November 2017, the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed 16 May as the “International Day of Light”. Today, LUCI is proud to announce its support for this international initiative.


The International Day of Light is a global initiative that seeks to improve the public’s understanding of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development.
Light and light-based technologies touch the daily lives of everybody. They are central to the future development of the global society.


This decision came as the follow-up to the highly successful International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL), held in 2015.

For Mark Burton-Page, General Director of LUCI:

“We are very proud to support IDL 2018. Cities and their activities in LUCI really show that light is a central aspect for the development of our societies. Urban lighting can foster better quality of life for citizens, and provide collaborative solutions to help solve some of the world’s challenges.

From 23 to 25 May, we will organise a major LUCI event, the “City under Microscope” in Toulouse. It will bring together a variety of professionals and as we experience and debate innovation in lighting together, we will explore how light plays a role in building cities of the future.”

LUCI was also a silver associate of the International Year of Light 2015. On this occasion, John Dudley, Chairman of the IYL2015 Steering Committee, spoke to Cities & Lighting about the role of urban lighting in this international initiative. LUCI also participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the International Year of Light. At the latter, held in Mérida (Mexico), the LUCI Director was a speaker and co-moderated a panel discussion.

Other sponsors for the International Day of Light include universities, professional networks and companies. The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is also a partner.





Find more information on: https://www.lightday.org

You can also download the fact sheet and the flyer of the event.




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