LUCI Coffee Break – September 2023

In order to engage with members, offer new learning experiences and maintain online the much loved “LUCI Family” atmosphere of our in person events, the LUCI Coffee Bre@ks were created. These short 30-minute regular online rendezvous sessions are an opportunity for members to stay in touch and hear from experts on a variety of urban lighting topics. Members then have access to replays on the LUCI Hub, our dedicated knowledge exchange platform.

The next LUCI Coffee Bre@k takes place on:

Wednesday, 20th September 2023 at 10:00 a.m. CEST

Topic: Development of nighttime identity for urban heritage in the Old Bangkok, Thailand

This talk gives an overview of a proposed development of a night time identity in the old quarter of Bangkok. In Thailand’s capital city, Old Bangkok is noted for its unique urban heritage. This district is delineated by the Chao Phraya River and the canal networks around the Grand Palace and it contains a wealth of living, local culture and some significant religious and historic sites. However, a critical assessment of existing lighting reveals opportunities for immense improvements. Based around the notion of place identity, we employed various methods to investigate the subjective perceptions of local residents, and international tourists as well as lighting experts. These resulting, valuable insights provide a unique lighting design language for creating concepts to strengthen cultural identity, enhance the night time economy and at the same time, minimise environmental impacts. This researched approach might also pave the way for the adoption of quality urban lighting and sustainable night time tourism by other, developing Asian cities that share a similar urban heritage context.

Speaker: Dr. Chanyaporn Bstieler, Assistant Professor/Director, Lighting Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC)

Dr. Chanyaporn BSTIELER received a Ph.D. in Architecture (Light and Lighting) from the University College London (UK) in 2003. She has led the Masters in Lighting Design (international program) at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok since 2008, and appointed an adjunct lecturer for the part-time Master degree in Architectural Lighting and Design Management by Wismar University (Germany) since 2014.

As the director of Lighting Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC), KMUTT, she has led major lighting design research projects, focusing on quality lighting and culture for interior and exterior applications. Professionally, she is a co-founder and a Managing Director of Inverse Lighting Design (Bangkok), an award-winning lighting consultant based in London, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

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