“Connecting Cities With Light” the LUCI Annual Report 2019




The LUCI Annual report entitled “Connecting Cities With Light” gives a yearly update about our activities in the past year. It includes sections about the LUCI Network, Pillars, Events, Projects, Resources and our Organisation.

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Editorial of the LUCI President

“LUCI has led another productive year in 2019.”

Urban lighting has become ever more important and the LUCI network more vigorous in exchanging each other’s knowledge in various ways.

Acting in accordance with the LUCI Strategic Plan [2017-2027], LUCI has been developing “LUCI Pillars” through many working group meetings. These meetings are open for all cities to participate in, and much is planned to further support city-to-city cooperation. The reflection on how to stimulate the sharing of knowledge on urban lighting and constantly develop accessibility to our network has been bearing some fruits.

“The LUCI network unequivocally demonstrates its role as a focal point”

This year has also been replete with events: the two City under Microscopes in Rotterdam and Oulu, the third workshop for Asian cities in Seoul, the AGM in Shanghai, and the Light Festival Forum in Lyon. Through these successful gatherings, the LUCI network unequivocally demonstrates its role as a focal point where the most important aspects of urban lighting of today are shared. LUCI highlights the significant role of urban lighting in making cities more sustainable and intelligent, and to improve quality of life for citizens.

“Our strength comes from collective intelligence”

The strength of the LUCI network comes from the collective intelligence gathered by its members. Therefore, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your endeavour to develop the LUCI network; especially for those cities that generously hosted the events and the brilliant individuals who willingly put their effort in the contents of the events and projects, I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to working with you for another wonderful year!

Mr. Hee Seon Jin
President of LUCI
Vice Mayor II of Seoul


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