Longbridge Light Festival, Birmingham to take place this month

The Longbridge Light Festival, The Shadow Factory, will take place on the 22nd of October 2016 in the south of Birmingham, UK.

Once the site of a thriving motor factory (1905-2005), Longbridge is in the midst of massive regeneration after a long fallow period. The programming of the Longbridge Light Festival is at its heart about the history, transformation and recreation of Longbridge.

The artworks and activities for LLF have been programmed in response to the festival theme of ‘Shadow Factory’. The theme relates to the history of Longbridge, exploring multiple social, physical and political narratives that are embedded within the past, present and future of the site.

Longbridge light festival 2016

‘Shadow Factory’ features an ensemble of installations, interactions, fleeting interventions and experiences devised and created by artists in response to the population, heritage and possible future of the site. The festival features newly commissioned work from international, national and West Midlands-based artists. LLF includes temporary and permanent site-specific work that has been produced over the last few years by project artists in residence through extensive research, sensitivity and close collaboration with members of the community.

The festival will not only showcase some innovative installations on the night of October 22nd, but also see several permanent works unveiled. The list of 35 artists includes contributions from Birmingham twin cities Chicago and Leipzig, as well as Spanish collective PlayMid.

International artists at LLF include Barcelona’s Playmid, Industry of the Ordinary from Chicago and Anna Schimkat from Leipzig; UK representation includes Juneau Projects, Stuart Whipps, General Public, Ian Richards and Cathy Wade.

Artworks include: a dramatic series of light projections shone into the night sky and onto architecture; a wildflower meadow at Longbridge train station; an archive of observations about and made by Longbridge’s community; and a range of sculptural installations, interventions and permanent work that reflect on the community’s heritage, specialist engineering and creative skills.


For more information and to see the full festival programme go to: www.LongbridgeLightFestival.co.uk



Longbridge Light Festival (LLF) 2016 is the culmination of a five-year public art project, the Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP) 2012-2017. Conceived by art commissioning organisation WERK, LPAP encompasses a long-term artist residency and public programme embedded within one of the largest regeneration schemes in the UK.











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