Lights in Alingsås


Lights in Alingsås – creative lighting design and sound


Kjell Hult, Lights in Alingsås, Chief Development Officer, City of Alingsås


The Lights in Alingsås festival in Sweden is an educational lighting design project. In October every year Alingsås hosts around 70 international students taking part in a workshop on urban lighting, directed by experienced lighting designers. The 2014 theme combining lighting design with music was decided as a result of this workshop. In a large park, along a 3 km route, eleven sites were chosen where the music of Norwegian composer Edward Grieg was interpreted with creative lighting design. It has been a tremendous success with more than 70 000 visitors.


Kjell Hult is the Chief Development Officer in the City of Alingsås. Working in the field of urban planning, he is responsible for the city strategic plan for growth and development. Lighting design is recognised as one of the key element in this strategy.

Kjell Hult

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