Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia project mid-term webinar series

The “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project will present a series of six webinars this autumn. Each webinar puts the spotlight on a lighting subject and gives insights into the experiences and interim results of Lucia project partner cities.

Each spotlight webinar will be co-hosted by selected LUCIA project partners.

After a keynote by an external expert, LUCIA partners will share experiences made at their pilot sites so far.

The co-hosting city presents a virtual exhibition room after each webinar and welcomes all participants for exchange and networking.

The webinars will be held every Wednesday morning, starting on 30 September 2020. Read more about the webinars by clicking on the titles below:

Go to the Lucia project website for more information, registration and updates!

About Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia

The “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project helps municipalities in the Baltic Sea region to unlock the enormous potential of energy efficient urban lighting solutions. It brings together 11 partners from seven Baltic Sea region countries. The partnership consists of municipal and regional public authorities and expert partners. While expert partners provide state-of-the-art information on energy efficient urban lighting and advise the participating municipalities, the municipal and regional actors run pilot sites in six municipalities and replicate the project results in their region.

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