Light, sound and imagination


With a burst  of sound, light spreads out and fires our imagination


Jean-Luc Hervé, Designer and Manager, Les Orpailleurs de Lumière


A complex acoustic tapestry contains all of the visual action. This acoustic tapestry is layered with very diverse sounds, including natural sounds, existing compositions and original creations.  This group of transformed, inter-linked acoustics plunges the listener into mysterious and fantastic worlds.  Music, nuanced by lyrical flights or dangerous avalanches, controls the action with images and light.  With the creation of an original soundtrack, we are inventing a world, a rhythm on which light appears and moves, the two forming the main theme of a story.


Les Orpailleurs de Lumière have participated in major lighting events, notably, the Trophée des Lumières of Marseille, the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, the International Forum of Water in Marseille, the GLOW festival in Eindhoven, the Carnival of Rome, and the Biarritz light festival as well as the Dubai Light Festival.


Jean Luc Hervé

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