First Light & Art Lab starts off in Turin

The LAiPS Light & Art Lab got off to a great start in the partner city of Turin on November 8 – 10 2021.

The Light & Art Lab is a platform combining site visits and peer-to-peer discussions to experience and exchange on light art projects. It aims to strengthen the operational capacities of local creative operators, including city officials, technical staff and artists.

The first Light & Art Lab session brought LAiPS project cities Lyon and Oulu to Turin to exchange on light art projects and experience the Luci d’Artista light festival.

Participants started off with a guided night walk in the city centre to admire the main works of the Luci d’Artista festival which turns Turin into an open-air gallery by night.

The festival features artworks by famous Italian and international artists and explores the interaction between art and the urban landscape through the use of light. Some of the installations also become part of the city’s permanent light art collection.

Experts from Turin’s Cultural Department gave participants an insight on the historical and artistic development of the festival and the city’s permanent light art works.

The future of Luci d’Artista was also on the agenda, as were the questions of how cities can raise awareness about light art in public spaces and how permanent aspects can be integrated into strategies. Speakers from the City of Turin shared some of their activities linked to light art and local development, light art and education and public lighting and the suburbs.

Group discussions and Q&A sessions with artists featured in the festival, as well as key urban lighting stakeholders ensured that participants obtained a comprehensive view of the different facets of the creation and management of light art in Turin.

The Cities of Lyon and Oulu will be hosting their own Light & Art Labs next year, stay tuned!