Light Art in Public Spaces Final International Conference:

Transforming Cities with Light Art

Turin, Italy

2 – 3 November 2023

Dear participants,

Light Art has the power to transform our urban life, add identity to places as well as develop attractive, safe and inclusive public spaces. From architectural illuminations to interactive light art sculptures, light installations can change the way we perceive and interact with the public space. In today’s busy environments, light art can only positively contribute to cities by helping them develop attractive, safe and inclusive public spaces for locals and visitors alike to slow down and enjoy.

Based on this common belief in the transformative power of light art, the cities of Lyon, Oulu and Turin together with LUCI Association are pleased to invite you to the final conference of our Creative Europe project, Light Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS). Over the past three years, the partners have exchanged many discussions through site visits in each other’s cities and developed a new digital tool that promotes knowledge on permanent light art in urban settings.

Join us all in Turin this November to learn about our findings, hear cross-disciplinary perspectives on the topic from placemakers, light artists as well as governance figures and finally, celebrate both permanent and temporary light art during the notorious Luci d’Artista festival.

Registrations are now open – we look forward to seeing you in Turin this autumn!


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