LED retrofit for Gothenburg’s main boulevard

Kungsportsavenyn, Gothenburg’s main boulevard located in the heart of the city, now has new LED streetlights.

The boulevard’s light poles have been refurbished with new LED luminaires to replace the original mercury lighting in a customized retrofit solution.

The luminaires are configured at 8.5 W providing 1000 lumens at 3000K, giving a more pleasant light. They also have a customized grid mounted to reduce glare and discomfort. Additionally, each pole can now be turned on or off for the many events like the Christmas season festivities.

The new luminaires remain true to the area’s important original architectural character while providing better light quality.

The new solution is around 7 times more energy efficient than the old, enabling the City of Gothenburg to save electricity equivalent to annual usage of nearly 5 residential homes.

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Images copyright City of Gothenburg
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