Join the 2020 LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop online this November

The fourth regional workshop on urban lighting targeted at Asian cities will be organized by the City of Seoul and LUCI on 2 – 3 November 2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

Representatives from cities in Asia and beyond are invited to attend the 2020 LUCI Asian Urban Lighting Workshop online on November 2 – 3 2020.
Organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and LUCI in a new online format, the workshop aims to provide public lighting decision-makers an overview of the multiple facets of urban lighting in the city.

The world is currently undergoing various changes due to COVID-19, and new directions for urban lighting in the future years need to be contemplated. In order to help cities accelerate sustainable development while improving quality of life, the theme for this year’s workshop is “The role of Urban Lighting in the ‘New Normal’ era and Smart Lighting in Asia”.

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Last year, the 2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop concluded successfully with the active participation of 33 cities from 16 countries in Asia. It presented a unique opportunity to meet and learn from urban lighting experts, engage in peer to peer knowledge, and exchange good practices and solutions. The continued interest and active participation from Asian cities throughout the last three years are acknowledged as the foundation for the success of this workshop since its launch in 2017.

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