Join online panel discussion “Sustainable Urban Lighting from a Global Perspective” on 11 Feb 2021

LUCI is pleased to be curating an online panel discussion at the Eclat Lighting Initiative Conference in Saskatoon, Canada on 10 – 12 February 2021

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Thursday 11 February, 17:50 CET (10:50 CST US/Central Time):

Elected officials panel discussion: Sustainable Urban Lighting from a Global Perspective

Today cities are taking on a much broader role in the governance of world affairs. They have become key players in the global struggle against climate change, leading the way towards a more desirable future. Sustainable urban lighting can play a key role and is a far-reaching topic, addressing issues such as energy efficiency to light pollution to green procurement and recyclability; it also encompasses such themes as smart city and the citizen-focus needed for the future of our cities.

In this panel moderated by LUCI, elected officials from Jyväskylä, Glasgow and Saskatoon will share how light has become a driver for greater sustainability in their cities.

  • Charlie Clark, Mayor of Saskatoon, Canada

  • Mandy Morgan, Councillor, City of Glasgow, UK

  • Meri Lumela, Chair of the City Board, City of Jyväskylä, Finland, President of LUCI

  • Moderated by Mark Burton-Page, General Director of LUCI

Other sessions of the Eclat Lighting Initiative Conference will feature:

  • the renowned designer Daan Roosegaarde

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