Lights on! LUCIA project announces exciting final event

The “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project helps municipalities in the Baltic Sea region to install modern LED lighting and experience the full potential of sustainable smart lighting. After three years of work, LUCIA partners are excited to announce the project’s final event, to be held on 22-23 September.

The final conference of the Lucia – Lighting the Baltic Sea Region project will take place on 22 – 23 September 2021.
The conference will provide impulses for local authorities, lighting planners and other stakeholders to implement their plans for energy-efficient, multifunctional and sustainable lighting.

Participants will hear from specialists in the region on several main topics:

  • Economic development in smart urban lighting,
  • Social acceptance, lighting design and darkness in cities,
  • Smart technology,
  • Planning and procurement.

LUCI Association will curate a special interactive session, call “Lighten up the day”, where participants will be quizzed on the day’s presentations. Prizes and goodies will be up for grabs!

Pre-registrations are already open!

More information on the project’s website: https://lucia-project.eu/lighting-conference/

Pre-register now at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1koRcKEyfbpaQWKZ_d6JMe7ttsXAssWOHzKDYgySS50w/viewform?ts=60ccab9d&edit_requested=true

More about the project

Urban lighting plays an important role in the city design in the Baltic Sea region. In fact, 60% of the overall energy consumed in urban areas is attributed to street lighting and other urban lighting, e.g. for infrastructure.

Modern LED lighting has energy savings potential of 50% compared to conventional systems. Other functionalities, such as an automatic adjustment of luminosity, additionally raise that potential.

The project Lucia introduces such lighting solutions into urban planning, and by this helps municipalities reduce energy consumption. The six Lucia pilot sites are located around the Baltic Sea. Project partners include LUCI members Albertslund (Denmark), Hamburg (Germany) and Tallinn (Estonia), as well as Porvoo (Finland), Jūrmala (Latvia) and St. Petersburg (Russia).

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