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LUCI Annual General Meeting

The LUCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the major LUCI events every year.

It brings together city representatives and lighting professionals for thematic conferences, working group meetings, open conference sessions as well as LUCI’s General Assembly of members. It’s also a chance to discover first-hand the host city and its lighting policy.

The latest AGMs took place in Seoul (South Korea) in 2016, Durham (UK) in 2017, Rabat (Morocco) in 2018. The 2019 AGM will take place in Shanghai (China).  Usually, representatives from 30 to 40 cities, coming from 20 to 30 countries, from all around the world attend these events.


Who can host a LUCI AGM?

Any LUCI city member who shares the values and goals of our association, along with the motivation to co-organise an important international event, may host the LUCI Annual General Meeting.




Why host the LUCI AGM?   



  • It’s the opportunity to highlight your city’s urban lighting projects and experience internationally;
  • Set the trend, position your city as a leader and stand out at the regional and international levels;
  • Promote your city in a positive way – by giving guests from many countries a unique experience of your city by light.



  • It’s the opportunity to bring a dynamic event to your city and be at the heart of an international learning, sharing, knowledge-exchange process;
  • Share your city’s ambitions and achievements linked to broader global challenges and inspire discussion at an international level on topics important to your city.



  • It’s a unique opportunity to broaden your perspectives and reinforce your own expertise by welcoming experts from around the world, capitalising on their experience for your future projects;
  • It’s the chance to mobilise your colleagues, work across silos in your city departments and build new energy as you build a team to deliver the event;
  • It is also the occasion to put your lighting policies and projects in the spotlight at the local level, reinforcing relations with elected representatives and other local stakeholders.


LUCI AGM core features

The LUCI AGM is a 3-day event focused on lighting strategies and projects, co-organised between LUCI and the host city, welcoming representatives (in recent years from 150 to 300 people) from 30 to 40 cities around the world.

  • Pre-conference meetings: LUCI Executive Committee, LUCI Pillar meetings
  • Thematic conferences: Host city lighting strategy, International Panel Discussion
  • LUCI network: General Assembly (EC elections to be held in 2020)
  • Sharing and networking: Open Conferences Sessions (parallel sessions); site visits to lighting projects; workshops
  • Optional Programme

The LUCI Annual General Meeting usually takes place in the autumn season (September to October).



Interested in hosting the next LUCI AGM?

Check out some of the previous LUCI AGMs below and let us know if your city is interested in hosting the LUCI AGM in 2020. You can send us an email before 30 May 2019 to: luci@luciassociation.org



LUCI AGM 2018 in Rabat (Morocco)

31 October – 3 November 2018

LUCI AGM 2017 in Durham (UK)

12-16 November 2017


LUCI AGM 2016 in Seoul (South Korea)

2-6 November 2016

LUCI AGM 2015 in Helsinki (Finland)

23-27 September 2015


LUCI AGM 2014 in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

5-9 November 2014




















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