Interactive lights for Strasbourg industrial heritage


The City of Strasbourg has just launched the “Lumieres” project on 22 November 2019.

“Lumieres” is a new digital platform for citizens to interact with and choose dynamic colour scenarios to illuminate an iconic industrial heritage site, the Malreaux cranes.



The two cranes on the peninsula André Malraux in Strasbourg attest to the industrial and port past of the city. They were restored in 2008 as part of the public spaces around the André Malraux library.

In 2017 the City of Strasbourg illuminated the cranes with 120 floodlights in colour-changing LEDs with variable intensity to highlight their architecture.


Enable interactivity with citizens”


The “Lumieres” project was the result of an innovative initiative within the City of Strasbourg to enable interactivity with citizens for the Malraux cranes illumination.

After dark, users in the vicinity of the cranes can take control of the illuminations via a dedicated QR code or the website https://lumieres.strasbourg.eu/

Twenty original light atmospheres are available for them to choose from, including Strasbourg my love, Capital of Christmas, Europe, Zen, Disco, and Popcorn.




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Images  courtesy City of Strasbourg





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