Why apply?


Promote sustainability

At local or global level, the Awards show how cities are taking the lead to improve sustainability and quality of life through urban lighting projects.


Show your project’s positive impacts

The multi-disciplinary nature of urban lighting will be reflected through the Awards, that will also show the positive impacts on economic, social, and/or cultural development.


Build stronger collective knowledge

The Awards allow your work to be included within LUCI’s worldwide communication channels, adding to the long-term collective urban lighting knowledge and exchange of good practice.


Enhanced networking opportunities

Receiving a Cities & Lighting Award offers a chance to connect further with other cities, professionals, and organisations involved in urban lighting, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.


International & local recognition

The Awards provide visibility at the international level within the LUCI network and beyond , drawing attention to the city’s efforts. It also draws attention locally to the importance of urban lighting strategies, recognizing the hard work of a team and boosting morale in the celebration.

LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards 2024

Cities and their partners now have until 22 March 2024 (11:59pm CET) to apply at awards@luciassociation.org