How to Use the Evaluation Toolkit

The Toolkit has introduced different levels of assessment to support cities and organisers of light events, with reference to the nature of their event and the resources available:

Basic impacts: basic level of assessment, which can probably be conducted using existing organisers’ data. Cost for basic assessment is likely to be minimal

Intermediate impacts: often requires some research, but could be conducted by light event organiser or a research company, with moderate cost depending on scope.

Advanced impacts: the assessment is likely to require a significant piece of work using a specialist research company and likely to incur higher cost.Although all four areas of impact (i.e. Economic, Social, Cultural & Image, and Environmental) can be assessed and explored separately, it is probably best to first consider measuring attendance.

The monitoring and evaluation methods included in the toolkit are mainly concerned with producing quantitative data based on a visitor survey, thus the toolkit includes a section on what to consider when developing surveys.