15:00 – 15:50, Thursday 11 November


Inviting Place to Live: What Next?


  • People Make Glasgow Home – housing led regeneration
    Patrick Flynn, Head of Housing & Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council
    In this session, Patrick will present the Council’s ambitious commitment to deliver 25,000 homes by 2050. This demand comes from the city’s growing population; the need to create vibrant communities through quality place-making; and to attract inward investment to support Glasgow’s thriving economy.


  • Port Dundas: seeds of change – culture and creativity
    Richard Millar, Director of Heritage Enterprise & Sustainability, Scottish Canals
    The canal was also part of Glasgow’s industrial past. It is changing into a place of creativity and new urban living. Richard will give an insight to the way in which a new vision for urban pioneers – creative businesses, urban sports, the arts and cultural education – puts a spotlight onto the canal flowing through it.