Les Nuits Lumière de Bourges

As night falls, Les Nuits Lumière invites visitors for a nighttime stroll through around 2km in the city centre of Bourges. From one street to another, guided by the blue of the lanterns, visitors discover a spectacle-filled journey with five original projections lighting up the historic heritage of the city.

5 places, 5 themes:
• The Gallo-Roman rampart in the Archbishopric Garden: Bourges, its green spaces and its underground passages;
• The Lallemant Hotel: The Renaissance era;
• The Estève Museum: The history of art in Bourges and its artists;
• The Jacques Cœur Palace: The story of Jacques Cœur , Financier of King Charles VII;
• The old Archbishopric: Bourges and its contemporary history, from the University of Bourges in the 15th century to the 20th century with the Printemps de Bourges and the Bourges Basket.


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