Novi Light Sensation

NOVI – Exalt the city. The city has to come out with all its positive features. Its characteristic views, its palaces, its churches, squares, historic walls and the castle.

LIGHT – Light as a positive form of expression that refers to amazement, which refers to speechless speech messages. Now the words are gone, as light can mean much more than them. It is a modern means of dialogue in keeping with the age in which we live. Light is hope, life and desire to make you excited.

SENSATION – Spectacular and exciting, professionally designed but also emotionally engaging. Real shows made of light, video, music animations and much more revive the squares, historic buildings, illuminate cities and at the same time enhance their beauty and make them known to the public.

From all this there comes “Novi Light Sensation”.

Note: There hasn’t been a new edition since 2019.

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