Fête des Lumières

The Festival of Lights emerged from the popular tradition going back to 8 December 1852, when the residents of Lyon placed candles in coloured glasses on their window sills to celebrate the installation of a statue of the Virgin Mary on the Fourvière Hill. Entire districts of the city were lit up, transforming the facades of buildings in a show of lights.

To commemorate this event, on the days surrounding 8 December every year the people of Lyon celebrate the lighting up of their city, showcasing its living heritage. Light, symbolising the renewed identity of the city, takes visitors on a journey through a poetic world, filled with magic and dreams.

The Festival shows the heritage of the Presqu’île and Vieux-Lyon in its best possible light, illuminating its Renaissance facades and majestic buildings. Thanks to the artists’ creations, Lyon’s most beautiful buildings serve as the backdrop for huge, magical son et lumière installations in which they are visible – or invisible.

Light is now an integral part of Lyon’s identity, revealing the beauty of its architecture and creating magnificent nocturnal landscapes.

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