Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki is a five-day light festival in the centre of Helsinki that is organised annually at the beginning of January. The festival presents a diverse range of light art along a new route each year that covers a few kilometres. In addition to the most famous buildings in Helsinki, the route also highlights lesser known courtyards and façades. The programme features specially commissioned new works and popular installations for international light festivals.

Over half a million visitors come each year to admire the festival, which transforms familiar buildings and spaces into unique works of urban art.

In 2017 the Helsinki Tourism Foundation presented the festival with the Helsinki Travel Award.

In 2022 edition, the combined total estimate of visitors at different locations amounted to around 120,000 people. Organised for the second time as part of Lux Helsinki, Lux Korkeasaari attracted a record crowd to look at light art and animals, which resulted in around 30,000 euro donated to the conservation work of endangered snow leopards.

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