Fès initiates major public lighting overhaul


Fès, the second largest city in Morocco, has launched the first step of an ambitious urban lighting energy efficiency project.

We realised that there was huge potential for the city to save on its overall energy bill by improving its public lighting, especially given the new lighting technologies available today,” says Hadaf Bennis, Chief Engineer, Head of Lighting, Fountains and Video Surveillance at the, City of Fès.

The city therefore put in place an Energy Performance Contract, which has started off with a detailed diagnosis of the estimated 68 000 luminous points in Fes, in order to have a proper understanding of the public lighting network to date.

The diagnostic has categorised luminaires by type, hierarchised road types, and incorporated future reconstruction projects. A vehicle equipped with sensors and a lux meter also measured lighting levels on the streets to determine the respect of the norm EN13201.

The overall street lighting renewal project, implemented for the City of Fès by a SDL (Société de development Local), Citelum-Nabilum, aims to reduce energy use by 60 % by switching to LED streetlights. Special lighting schemes for the city’s renowned heritage sites are also on the agenda.


  • Download the presentation on the Fès street lighting renewal project made at LUCI AGM 2018 in Rabat in the LUCI Members area




Image © City of Fes






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