Lyon Light Festival Forum 2018

– Pecha Kucha Sessions

These sessions of “Pecha Kucha”- style speed presentations will be an opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing and exchange in the field of creative lighting. Hear from light festival organisers, artists, and designers about creative lighting projects.

Beacon of Hope

by Emilie Dias (Production Manager at Leipzig Festival of Lights)

The events of the crucial day of October 9 1989 when around 70,000 people gathered to demonstrate for freedom are reinterpreted every year since 2009 at the Leipzig Festival of Lights to create a strong, vivid and real culture of remembrance, building a cultural bridge between the past and the present. The festival aims at strengthening the awareness for democracy to maintain the value of peace and solidarity and make them come alive especially for the younger generation. The festival also offers an exciting platform to foster more sustainable oriented events, like the “Beacon of Hope” project which came in 2023 to Leipzig and focused on this particular topic. In 2024, like every five years, the festival will take up the full inner-city ring road and offer to the visitors the possiblity to march on the historical demonstration path of 1989.

Light as a medium, space as a canvas

by Joanie Lemercier (Visual artist at Studio Joanie Lemercier)

“I use technology to shed light on certain issues, and I assist different groups of activists in their direct actions.” For around fifteen years, Joanie Lemercier has been experimenting with different unusual projection surfaces as a space for expression. In the studio’s recent projects, the extractivism inherent in the use of digital tools, their energy consumption but also the creation of new imaginations are central questions and areas of research. It seems essential to them to embody a political commitment in their artistic practice and the experiences they offer. The video will discuss the creative process of the studio’s projects in relation to Joanie’s engagement with different climate topics.

Joanie will be represented by Nicolas Roziecki (Producer at Studio Joanie Lemercier) for the Q&A.

We illuminate the unilluminable

by Luzinterruptus (Artists)

Through a 10-minute video, we will try to show our 15 years of work with light, since we started in the street as a guerrilla to the great pieces that we are currently carrying out in light events. We will show our philosophy of collaborative work and the use we make of basic and recycled materials.

Bezier BLOOM

by James Cochrane (Director at Jigantics)

This presentation will show a 1-minute video which featured drone footage of the art installation BLOOM in Bezier. The speaker will give details of this work and answer any questions.

Living Light

by Amelia Kosminsky (Visual artist)

The international artist Amelia Kosminsky will present her work that focuses on slowing life down to have time to catch the beauty around us. Her work is predominately peaceful and contemplative, using light as a medium to produce pieces that contrast with the harshness of urban living. Her video artworks have been seen on the Piccadilly Circus Screens (Sparks of Nature), at Lumiere Durham 2021 (Anthology), and most recently for the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Her light sculpture works have been seen in Kew Gardens (Phantasma), City Lights – the Mayor of London’s Light Festival- and at the 10th anniversary festival of Lumiere Durham with her piece Celestial Brainstorm.

Urban deceleration in the digital age: a media artist in search of time

by Thorsten Bauer (Founder of Urbanscreen and StudioBauer)

From cyclical daylight to dynamic shadows and water reflections. Nature is full of dynamic light effects. In this sense, static light is by definition, unnatural light. Everything is in constant process, all life is dynamic. In our urban reality, however, we tend to depict only the extreme points of light dynamics. Between high-frequency LED advertising displays on the one hand and the static staging of dominating architecture on the other, there is a gap of slowness.

Digital technologies are dynamicising our urban space and transforming urban surfaces into mutable architecture. Of what importance is the slow process for a liveable city and how can digital technology help us to achieve tranquility through dynamism? A show of works and design philosophy as a résumé of a 20-year career as a digital artist.

Airplay: How light invites collective creation of music

by Philip Ross (Owner of Studio Philip Ross)

The new light and music installation a|rp|ay presents light as a tangible medium that invites people to create music together. Nineteen beams of light, 6m high and arranged in a 7m diameter circle, form a gigantic musical instrument analogous to wind chimes. Where your hand normally would pass right through a light beam, here each beam responds to touch: You can push them, make them sound and chime together with other beams and other people. The essence of a|rp|ay is that you and your fellow visitors engage physically in a collective creative activity: creating melodies and harmonies that are familiar yet different every time depending on who makes which moves. Next to this, people are invited to reflect on how it is possible that these intangible media of light and sound create such a physical experience,. a|rp|ay premiered at Glow 2023.

Stories to move spaces

by Pierre Amoudruz (Artist, Videast, Musician)

Through the presentation of 3 works, we’ll figure out how I try to bring political questions to sensitive works, opened to a wide audience.

Photo credits:

©Emmanuel Foudrot; ©Joanie Lemercier; ©Luzinterruptus; ©Jigantics; ©Amelia Kosminsky; ©StudioBauer; ©Philip Ross; ©Pierre Amoudruz