Lyon Light Festival Forum 2022

– Pecha Kucha Sessions

These sessions of 10-minute “Pecha Kucha”- style speed presentations will be an opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing and exchange in the field of creative lighting. Hear from light festival organisers, artists, and designers about creative lighting projects and pose your questions in the 5-minute Q&A.

Flashing festivals today

by Maria Güell, Director, Llum Bcn

Through 4 projects programmed in the festival, this presentation will show how the festival takes advantage of the stage it occupies to contribute and to put into vision important subjects in our society such as the energetic crisis.

Structuring and developing digital arts in France

by Léa Conrath, Coordinator, HACNUM

Created 2 years ago, HACNUM, the French national network of hybrid arts and digital cultures, aims to better organize and support the development of these creations throughout France. As of today, HACNUM brings together more than 300 professionals, including producers, distributors and artists, to share issues and move forward on a range of subjects such as the professionalization of its members, the support in artistic creation and the evolution of cultural policies around digital arts. HACNUM will present its actions and the perspectives of the digital arts sector.

INTERFERENCE Tunis – Public Light and Media Art Projects

by Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi, INTERFERENCE Tunis

INTERFENCE Tunis stages national and international artistic positions featuring physical light and digital media in biennial projects on the capital and in the south of Tunisa. Since 2016, its projects in the medina of Tunis or Djerba attract 10.000s of visitors. INTERFERENCE is known for its exhibition projects that are backed with a residency program for artists, a YOUNG MASTERS program for emerging artists, the curatorial study program TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS, the TEXT ME network for art critics, and a ZERO WASTE approach. All professional aspects of exhibition making such as research, development, production, organization, documentation, and communication include teaching, training, and mentoring. Over the last six years, INTERFERENCE became a community-driven framework for public art projects. The lecture will feature the key characteristics of a project that is led by artists and curators, highlighting its qualities, and including their hindering and risks.

Coastal Breeze – Circular Lighting

by Jaap Schuuring, Head of Customer Learning, Signify

A lamp with a purpose. Made from recycled fishing nets, collected from harbours on the coast of Cornwall, learn more about these 3D printed lamps. Is this an innovation that can be used in light festivals? Let’s see!

Crossed Lab: Happy are those who are cracked for they shall let in the light!

by Julien Taïb, Producer, Crossed Lab

Hybrid and cross-disciplinary in nature, the projects we support evolve at the intersection of art, technology and science. Crossed Lab supports artists in their digital creative practices between contemporary music, visual art, kinetic art, and plastic art. Beyond genre, it is the pertinence of the use of technology that is important to us.

Crossed Lab supports the idea of an “age of maturity” of digital contemporary arts. Beyond group shows and curatorial themes, strong assets for art discovery and having some distance with our current technologies, the last 20 years witnessed the rise of digital artists that refined their art up to a demanding corpus of artwork. We believe solo shows could immerse audience into their singular worlds. By confirming these “signatures” throughout experiential environments, we hope to contribute to push our talents from emerging to confirmed.

Exploring Bioluminescence

by Sophie Hombert, CEO, Design Aglaé

In 2016, Aglaé was created and quickly became the pioneer company by giving plants a functional role through lighting: bioluminescence. Today, the two main activities of the start-up are focused on R&D and events.

Photo credits
© Olivier Ratsi ; © Datacityscape ; © Gudrun Barenbrock