Lyon Light Festival Forum 2019

– Pecha Kucha Sessions

This session of “Pecha Kucha”- style speed presentations will be an opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing and exchange in the field of creative lighting. Hear from light festival organisers, artists, and designers about creative light projects and innovations in the field. These will take place in two separate rooms, La Corbeille and Room Tony Garnier, in the Village Lumière of the Palais de la Bourse. 

A Light Festival as a Monumental Art: Making the Temporary Permanent

by Elo Liiv, Main organizer of Tartu in Light, TAVA 2020, Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival, Tartu (Estonia)

There are many different kinds of light festivals around the world and their outlook and footprints are depending on the local context, budgets, strategic decisions, involved specialists, and overall visual identity. Tartu in Light is a newcomer in this field: next year will be the 3rd edition. Elo Liiv will give an overview of the festival, specifically around the strategic decisions made and the outcomes. What happens if the light festival main organizer is an artist and all the decisions are made by curators? Festival structure and outlook is built up as a monumental art piece!

The Quintessence in Lumiere: Tide of Chinese Culture

by Bennett Cheung, Director of International Affairs, Guangzhou International Light Festival / Ruifeng Culture (China)

Guangzhou International Light Festival is the first ever modern light festival in China. Since its inception in 2011, it has drawn in over 60 million visitors. Up to this day, the festival not only shoulders the social responsibility of promoting the traditional Chinese culture, but also plays the role of popularising innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology for the citizens, showing the diversity, integration and openness of light art. In 2019, the 9th edition of Guangzhou International Light Festival focused on The Chinese Culture Tide, with Gong Shang Jue Zhi Yu (traditional Chinese pentatonic scale) as present elements, to serve as a good Chinese storyteller and Chinese culture promoter.

The Evolution of Light Art Installations, from Caprice to Pavillon

by Sébastien Lefèvre, Light Designer, Lyon (France)

The majority of Sébastien Lefevre’s works were created because to invest in locations he found particularly interesting. Caprice was the highlight of this creation process. The big gap that follows the end of the representations of the work was so frustrating, it gave him the energy and creativity to produce a variation of the project: Pavillon. This pecha kucha will present: A short history of Lefevre’s work; an overview of the link between a location and the lighting concept; the outcome of the piscine du Rhône projct; the search for variation: a new vision to exploit the concept; collaborations with musicians; how to link music and light programming; how a light show can create a living place; and more.


by Craig Morrison, Treasurer & Keith Watson, Chair, ILO – International Light Festival Organisation (UK)

ILO is the International Light Festival Organisation. The presentation will outline the organisation’s objectives and benefits to new members. ILO is a worldwide network of public light festivals, public light events and light art experts. The project is an alliance of light festivals and experts sharing expertise, inspiration and information on an international level, encouraging networking and the exchange of knowledge and experience. ILO aims to strengthen the position of light festivals on the level of artistic excellence and internationalisation.

Light – A Successful Instrument of Cultural Tourism

by Heike Besier, Urban Planner, City of Leipzig (Germany)

The rich, musical inheritance of Leipzig, combined with a vivacious present, is the center of attraction for travelers from all over the world. A unique artwork of light and music now allows Leipzig, the City of Music, to be experienced in different places around the world. The installation 25 Her(t)z, a nearly five-meter high sculpture, consists of 128 character cubes and connects emotion and information as a real experience in public space. Short podcasts and compositions offer information on the musical diversity of Leipzig and invite one to linger and listen. With virtual reality glasses, the installation can be brought to life and allows visitors to explore Leipzig’s musical past and present in a unique and fun way! In the evening, dynamic light and color effects and a sound collage attract numerous visitors and generate a fascinating atmosphere. The project was developed on behalf of Leipzig Tourism and Marketing.

NUR – New Urban Resources – Renewable Energy and Light Art for Bethlehem

by Alberto Lalli, Architect – Officer, City of Turin (Italy)

The NUR – New Urban Resources project is based on the Cooperation Pact signed between Torino and Bethlehem in 2015, to support the local development in the field of urban water management and local markets, in the framework of the Palestinian Municipalities Support Program. The project, started on February 2018 with a duration of 3 years aims at promoting the renewable energy sector in the Municipality of Bethlehem. Part of the project includes the incorporation of light art in Manger Square.

Innovations in Today’s Architectural Videomapping: New techniques and approaches

by Jonathan Richer & David-Alexandre Chanel, Creative Studio, Théoriz, Lyon (France)

For several years, videomapping has been created the traditional way to create content using graphic skills, via tools like Adobe toolset. Nowadays, new ways to create content are emerging, such as generative and real time graphics using 3D engines coming from the video game field. What are these new features ? Which skills are needed ? Théoriz Studio uses these new tools everyday and allows the team to explore wide creative possibilities especially for interactivity.

Navy Pier, Chicago’s Cultural Hotspot

by Erika Taylor, Director of Production & Operations, Navy Pier Inc, Chicago (USA)

Navy Pier has gone through a programming transformation over the past 3 years and is focused on providing quality arts and culture programs for free for the people of Chicago and visitors from all over the world. Navy Pier has partnered with a few organisations on art projects that incorporate light and sound and encourage public participation.

LUZA – A Light Festival to Enhance the Low Season in Algarve

by Ana Fernandes, CEO of Eventors’Lab and General Manager of LUZA, Algarve International Light Festival (Portugal)

LUZA festival is a private project emerging from the culture and tourism policies of the Algarve Region, incorporating funds from 365Algarve Umbrella and private sponsors. The main challenge is how to continue to attract people to Algarve beyond the Summer High Season to the Winter Low Season. The creative concept involves heritage, local resources, call for projects, and the LuzaLab featuring workshops and panels of experts on the topic “Working with Light”.

Towards Mass Interaction

by Rui Gato, OCUBO LAB Director, OCUBO, Sintra (Portugal)

In the context of creating large scale light projects in public space, interactivity is often a difficult challenge to pursue. Discover the philosophy, making of and objectives of OCUBO LAB, the division of OCUBO studio researching and developing experimental ways of using light and interactivity together. Get an insight about a very central subject of the LAB: how to interact with the masses?