Lyon Light Festival Forum – Speakers

Karine Dognin-Sauze, Vice President, Innovation, Smart City Digital, Lyon Metropole / Deputy Mayor, International Affairs, City of Lyon

As Vice President for Lyon Metropole, Karine Dognin-Sauze leads the Smart City strategy and road map based on an inclusive global approach. 103 large-scale projects funded by multiple public-private stakeholder consortiums drive the path of Metropole of Lyon as a balanced and consistent Smart City. As Deputy Mayor of the City of Lyon in charge of international affairs, she supports local initiatives to reinforce the knowledge of local international communities and promote international alliances and friendships with more than 26 city partners.

Mark Burton-Page, LUCI General Director / Moderator

Mark Burton-Page is passionate about how light can change cities, and how cities and their partners in light can benefit from mutual, international exchange of knowledge and know-how. In LUCI, this is mainly made possible through learning and sharing events, projects and publications. Mark is also Editor-in-chief of Cities & Lighting, the LUCI network magazine. He studied political science and public policy; he holds a Master’s degree in Management of Local Authorities from Paris University.


Conference Session: Exploring the Frontiers of Urban Light

Marc Aurel, Architect and Artistic Director, Aurel Design Urbain

In the early 1990s, Marc Aurel participated in the urban development programme of the City of Lyon. He has also been involved with major manufacturers such as Philips, IGuzzini, Eclatec, JC Decaux and Comatelec over the years. He has been continuously working to enrich urban territories in France and abroad, drawing upon the strengths of three distinct disciplines –  project contracting, street furniture design and project management –  to ensure that the urban object is never dissociated from the city itself. Thanks to this outlook, he now plays a decisive role in the fabrication of the city.

Jason Bruges, Designer and Multidisciplinary Artist, Jason Bruges Studios

Jason Bruges is a multi-disciplinary Artist and designer based in London. His work blends architecture with interaction design and uses a high-tech, mixed media palette to explore spectacle, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences. He trained as an architect at the Bartlett School of Architecture, before working with Foster + Partners and Imagination. In 2002, Jason set up his own practice and now works with a talented team to deliver interactive projects worldwide. The studio has recently finished a number of high profile projects including an epic installation for Hull City of Culture which sees 20+ robots perform choreographies with Light.

Conference Session: Innovation and creativity, the new frontiers of light

Jean-Baptiste Hardoin, Multimedia Director & Production Designer, Moment Factory


As Multimedia Director, Jean-Baptiste Hardoin acts as an ‘ideas man’, proposing concepts with a multidisciplinary approach. He focuses on seamlessly integrating multimedia components into the architecture of a project. Having studied scenography at Paris’s Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, he has an extensive professional background in theatrical and museum design. He joined Moment Factory in 2015 and collaborated in key productions for the studio, such as Kontinuum, Anima Lumina, or lately on Arcade Fire’s Infinite Content Tour. He is now taking part in the development of Moment Factory in Europe, with a creative team in Paris.

David-Alexandre Chanel, Co-founder and Creative Director, Théoriz

Artist, Engineer and Entrepreneur, David-Alexandre Chanel co-founded Théoriz Studio in 2014. Combining an education in music and from an engineering school, he uses art and science to create innovative and poetic art installations. Since 2011, he co-signed several digital art installations seen in the Lyon Light Festival and other international renowned art festivals. After receiving different prizes for his work inside the studio, David-Alexandre recently opened a scientific research centre inside the company, in order to explore new possibilities and techniques at the frontier of virtually and reality.

Jonathan Richer, Co-founder and Creative Director, Théoriz

Artist, Engineer and Entrepreneur, Jonathan Richer, co-founded Théoriz Studio in 2014. With an education background in engineering science, especially in electronics, computer science and entrepreneurship, he collaborated with artists on  creative audio-visual projects. The creation of an art and technology studio was a logical process for him. He created digital art installations and developed an expertise in video mapping and interactivity. He is the Creative Director of Théoriz Studio, along with David-Alexandre Chanel.

Maya Benainous, Art Director, Hand Coded


Maya Benainous is an environmental artist. The purpose of her work is to question the place of machines in our modern world. How can these machines affect human behaviour? How can they change the way we perceive ourselves together with the nature? Her installations usually involve the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, generative sound and light systems. She co-founded Hand Coded with Cyril Laurier in order to launch a creative platform to develop tools and technologies for her work and to collaborate with other artists.

Cyril Laurier, Technical Director, Hand Coded

Cyril Laurier has a PhD in Music Technology and investigated ways to detect emotions in music using machine learning. He conducted European research projects and published his work in journals, books and conferences. He co-founded Hand Coded with Maya Benainous to apply his expertise and interests to artistic projects. He likes to play with new technologies, solve problems and sometimes even make little robots.

Organising team of the Fête des Lumières

Jean-François Zurawik, Director of the Fête des Lumières, City of Lyon

Following an education in Communication and Audio-Visual Studies, Jean-Francois Zurawik created his own audio-visual production and event planning company in Strasbourg. His work has taken him throughout Europe, to North Africa, and the Middle East. Since 2003, he has been managing the Events Department of the City of Lyon and takes care of the overall coordination of the Fête des Lumières. He was the artistic director of the Dubai Light Festival in 2013 and has just undertaken the first edition of Lumières Hong Kong in 2017.