LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop 2020

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02 November 2020

Opening ceremony

Session 1: The Role and Direction of Urban Lighting in the New-Normal Era

Urban Lighting for Co-Existence of Human and Nature in the New Normal Era

Prof. Seung Ji Lee, Incheon Catholic University (Korea)

Correlated Color Temperature and Color Appearance of White Lightings

Prof. Youngshin Kwak, UNIST, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Lighting Masterplan for Kyoto City, with Citizens / Kyoto City Nightscape Project

Mr. Kaoru Mende, Principal, Lighting Planners Associates

Problem and Management of Street Lighting in Gianyar Bali – Indonesia

Mr. Ridartha I Made Rai, Traffic and Transport Agency – Gianyar Region – Bali (Indonesia)

Direction of Urban Lighting of Budapest in the New Normal Era

Mr. Zoltan Pap, Directing Manager of BDK / City of Budapest (Hungary)

Urban Lighting in Singapore in the New-Normal Era

Ms. Reiko Kasai, Managing Director & Mr. Yusuke Hattori, Associate Director, Lighting Planners Associates

Urban Lighting, Longing and Belonging in the Era of New Normal

Dr. Karolina Pawlik, USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry

03 November 2020

Session 2: Lighting and Health

Urban Lighting and Circadian Rhythm with Endocrine Disruption Effects by Light at Night (ALAN)

Prof. Eun-Il Lee, Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Korea University College of Medicine

Introduction of Night Lighting in Busan

Mr. Choul-Kwon Kim, Urban Cityscape Division Manager, Busan Metropolitan Government

Introduction of Urban Lighting in Incheon

Mr. Tim Kim, Chief of Urban Landscape Section, Incheon Metropolitan Government (Korea)

Lighting and Health in India

Mr. Rohit Bansal, Environment Monitoring, AGRA SMART CITY LIMITED Advisor

Lighting and Health in Mongolia

Dr. Tserendulam Shagdarsuren, HCSC NGO Mongolia

Lighting and Health in Sunwal City

Mr. Khem Raj Awasthi, Environment Monitoring and Evaluation

How does Covid-19 Affect Urban Lighting Strategy?

Ms. Dutchanee Ongarjsiri, ONGA Artful Light Co. Ltd

Session 3: Smart Lighting for the Future

Direction for the Development of Smart Lighting

Mr. Youngho Baik, Ecolant

Bandung Municipality Sustainable Urban Lighting Technology Advancement System and Planning Analysis

Mr. Melky Koswara & Mr. Yusup Gumilar Sukma Bhinekas, Public Works Agency, Bandung Municipality

Smart Lighting in Finland

Mr. Olli Markkanen, Head of Unit, Municipal Engineering, City of Helsinki

Beyond Silkroad: Medieval Flame, Yazd

Ms. Mahboubeh Molaei, Javidan Tajhiz Taban


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