LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop 2018

Programme | 프로그램

27 – 29 June 2018


• The Future of Urban Lighting

Kaoru Mende, Principal, Lighting Planners Associates, Tokyo

• Singapore: How the Lighting Master Plan was generated and how it has impacted the country’s economic and cultural value

Reiko Kasai, Director, Lighting Planners Associates, Singapore

• Human-Centric Lighting

Jihye Paik, Owner/Lead Designer, Lighn Design Studio, Seoul

• Smart Urban Lighting Pathways in Europe

Mark Burton-Page, Director, LUCI Association

SESSION: Urban Lighting in Seoul

Kim Dae-Kwon, Team Leader of Urban Light Policy Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Explore the urban lighting development process and core policies of the City of Seoul! The capital of the Republic of Korea, and a global megacity in Asia with a population nearing 10 million, Seoul plays its part as a future city leading the flow of change with advanced technology incorporated throughout the city.


The 2018 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop was based on the theme “The role of urban lighting for sustainable development,” with six sub-themes: people, safety, culture, economy, the environment and the future.

PEOPLE & SAFETY: Bharatpur (Nepal)

Asmita Khanal, Urban Planner & Menaka Pandit, Information Officer


CULTURE & ECONOMY: Chengdu (China)

Wen Zhang, Member of Party Committee of Chengdu, Municipal Urban Management Deputy Director General, Chengdu Municipal Commission of Urban Management


CULTURE & ECONOMY: Gangneung (S. Korea)

Dooho KIM (김두호), Team Leader, Road Division



Henry Lau, Engineer, Lighting Division, Highways Department


PEOPLE & SAFETY: Quezon City (Philippines)


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