2024 LUCI Coffee Bre@ks

February 2024 Coffee Bre@k

Sustainability and Resilience,  Solutions through Standardized Interfaces – Heinrich Thye Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium

In the first Coffee Bre@k of the year, Heinrich Thye (Zhaga Consortium) gave background to how Zhaga Consortium plays a crucial and global role in promoting sustainable and resilient solutions in the field of lighting technology, both for outdoor and indoor lighting. Their activities in the industry for standardizing interfaces for LED lighting components have sparked an active Q&A finale of the session.

March 2024 Coffee Bre@k

“Transformation of public lighting in Flanders, a new approach.” – Walter Geerts, Product Manager Public Lighting at Fluvius

Participants of this Coffee Bre@k found out from Walter Geerts (Fluvius) about the new light schemes taking place in Flanders where LED and smart luminaires are being installed in 300 municipalities. The case study of the Willebroek municipality showed the benefits both for citizens and nature of this public lighting change. of the year.

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