2020 LUCI Coffee Bre@ks

September 2020 Coffee Bre@k

“LUCI Hub Kick-off” – The LUCI Team

The first LUCI Coffee Bre@k was the occasion to help kick off the opening of the LUCI Hub, the new members-only online knowledge-sharing platform. The LUCI Team gave a quick tour of the LUCI Hub and members were able to connect over a cup of tea or coffee, which is to become a regular activity in the network.

Main visual LUCI Coffee Bre@k

October 2020 Coffee Bre@k

“Lighting Sint Baaf’s Cathedral in Ghent” –  Baart Peeters (City of Ghent) and Sarah Halin (Radiance 35)

How did the municipality of Ghent illuminate an important heritage monument – Sint Baaf’s Cathedral – while respecting its delicate structure and saving energy in the process? In this Coffee Bre@k, LUCI members learned all the details on the Sint Baaf’s Cathedral lighting project in Ghent, starting from the city’s specifications and expectations, through to the lighting design conception, and its execution and maintenance from the project team.

November 2020 Coffee Bre@k

“Meet the new LUCI President”Meri Lumela (Chair of City Board at Jyväskylä) and Elisa Hillgen (City of Light Coordinator at Jyväskylä)

This Coffee Bre@k gave LUCI members the opportunity to meet the new President of the association, the City of Jyväskylä, elected by LUCI cities on the 9th November during the Annual General Assembly of the Network. The speakers shared Jyväskylä’s vision and plans for LUCI for the next two years and what they will bring to the network as President.

December 2020 Coffee Bre@k

Winter Holiday Lighting in Liège” – Johan Hugues (CEO at Blachere Illumination), Christophe Rey (Export Manager at Blachere Illumination) and Gaétan Wijnants (on behalf of M. Yerna, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development at City of Liege)

Which city has the oldest and most ancient Christmas market in Belgium? How can winter holiday lighting become more sustainable and eco-friendly? In the final Coffee Bre@k of the year, LUCI members learned about winter holiday lighting initiatives with the City of Liège, European Capital of Christmas 2018, and lighting manufacturer Blachere Illumination.