2021 LUCI Coffee Bre@ks

January 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Co-creating lighting solutions in Canute Garden, Tallinn” – Eva Tallo (City of Tallinn)

This Coffee Bre@k featured the City of Tallinn and was an opportunity to learn about how the city involved local residents in co-creating lighting solutions for the city centre park, Canute Garden.

February 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Research perspective on “Lighting sobriety in the city” – Nicolas Houel (AAU Laboratory Nantes & l’Observatoire de la Nuit)

Special guest Nicolas Houel, PhD in urban planning and night space development, Associate Researcher at AAU laboratory Nantes, was invited to present his recent research exploring “lighting sobriety” and how cities should consider the potential of user expertise when creating nocturnal urban ambiances.

March 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Behind the scenes of Stavanger’s lighting!” – Claus Petersen (City of Stavanger) and Ingvild Abrahamsen (Lyse Lux AS)

In conjunction with the online CM Stavanger, this Coffee Bre@k was an exclusive opportunity for LUCI members to hear from Stavanger city experts who presented lesser-known aspects of the city’s lighting strategy and projects, focusing on challenges and how to come up with the right solutions.

☕  April 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“A first look at Brussels smart lighting”Bénédicte Collard (Streetlighting Manager at Sibelga)

LUCI members heard from Brussels Capital Region streetlights operator, Sibelga, and Bénédicte Collard, its Streetlights Manager, and learned about the ambitious project to have over 20 000 connected street lamps in the next three years. Objectives and challenges of the project were described as well as the phases, architecture, and future perspectives.

May 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Light Sketching system in Eindhoven” Philip Ross (Studio Philip Ross) and Rik van Stiphout (City of Eindhoven)

Philip Ross, founder of Studio Philip Ross, along with Rik Van Stiphout of the City of Eindhoven, presented about testing a new Light Sketching System, a cooperation tool that can help manage potential conflicts between the human demands of lighting and ecological impact in the city, especially in green areas.

☕  June 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Media Facades in Seoul”Da-Eun Lee (Urban Light Policy Division at Seoul Metropolitan Government)

LUCI members learned more about how Seoul manages media façades as urban art projects (installation guidelines and deliberation processes) and saw examples of recent projects curated specifically in response to the COVID-19 crisis, to bring everyday art, light and joy to citizens of the city. The future of media façades in Seoul was also evoked.

September 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Whose fault is light pollution, anyway?” Christopher Kyba (GFZ Postdam)

Dr. Christopher Kyba, of GFZ (German Research Center for Geosciences), explained how lighting controls can be used to measure the contribution of street lighting to light emissions and skyglow. In urban areas, other sources of light also contribute massively to light pollution. A new app that allows citizens to create large scale inventories of both public and private lighting was also presented.

☕  October 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Lanterns for placemaking: engaging communities through light art”Liz Pugh (Creative Producer at Walk the Plank, UK)

This Coffee Bre@k was a chance to explore how light art can be a powerful tool for community participation. Walk the Plank (UK) are pioneers of outdoor arts and civic celebration. Liz Pugh, the Creative Producer, presented about lantern-making projects as a way to engage communities through working with light.

☕ December 2021 Coffee Bre@k

“Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities”

This special LUCI Coffee Bre@k took LUCI members to the ENLIGHTENme project conference “Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities.” Participants investigated the multifaceted consequences light has on life in cities, exploring impacts of indoor and outdoor lighting on health and wellbeing.


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