LUCI Annual General Meeting
Shanghai – Speakers

Opening of the LUCI Annual General Meeting

Hee Seon Jin, President of LUCI, Vice Mayor II, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Mr. JIN Hee Seon was appointed Vice Mayor II for Administrative Affairs of Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in July 2018. He has been leading the SMG with his responsibility for safety management, urban planning, housing, urban regeneration and infrastructure construction. After receiving a doctoral degree of architectural engineering from Yonsei University, Mr. Jin, as an urban planning expert, served in various posts including Director of Urban Management, Director-General of Housing & Architecture and Deputy Mayor of Urban Regeneration Headquarters since 2008 before his appointment as the vice mayor. He puts the citizens first in establishing plans and practicing administration for Seoul’s sustainable urban development.

Landscape Lighting – the Name Card of Shanghai

Miao Jun, Deputy Counsel of Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau

Miao Jun has been engaged in administrative supervision and enforcement, and media advertising for a long time. He served as the Director of Zhabei Branch of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, Director of Advertising Supervision and Administration Department of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Deputy Counsel of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce. In November 2018, he was transferred to his current position, taking charge of landscape management.

Fan Yu, Vice Director of Comprehensive Planning Department of Shanghai Urban Planning & State Resources Bureau

Fan Yu is Vice Director of Comprehensive Planning Department of Shanghai Urban Planning & State Resources Bureau, senior engineer and a registered urban planner. A great many planning projects that he hosted or participated in have won national awards. For example, the “Shanghai Master Plan (2017-2035)” won the first prize of the 2017 National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award and the Grand Prize of Shanghai Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award.

Patrick Chen, Director of Marketing and Promotion Department of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

Patrick Chen focuses on the promotion of Shanghai in international conferences and travel incentives. Since 2006, he has organised and implemented the recruitment of “Shanghai Conference Ambassadors”. By 2018, he had recruited 116 Shanghai conference ambassadors and attracted hundreds of international and domestic conferences to Shanghai.

Yuan Qiao, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University/Director of Lighting Design, Shanghai Fudan Institute of Planning and Architectural Design

Dr. Yuan Qiao has presided over landscape light planning projects in Shanghai, the Tianfu New Area, the Park City and the interior lighting design of the main conference venues of High-end Summits in APEC Beijing, G20 Hangzhou, Bricks Xiamen and Qingdao.

Ding Qinhua, Director of Landscape Management Department of Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau

Ding Qinhua has long been engaged in urban ecology and landscape management. In recent years, he has organised the formulation of the “Master Plan of Shanghai Landscape Lighting, ‘drafted the’ Management Measures for Shanghai Landscape Lighting”, solicited the global plan for landscape lighting and implemented the quality improvement project of the night scene on both sides of the Huangpu River.

Tao Zhen, Responsible for operations of Shanghai Landscape Lighting Monitoring Center, Senior Engineer

Tao Zhen is responsible for operation of Shanghai Landscape Lighting Monitoring Center and is Director of the Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society. He has been leading research and development of innovative lamps, accessories and centralised control systems, and leading the team to win national lighting awards multiple times. He participated in the planning, construction and management of landscape lighting for many important events such as the Shanghai World Expo. He won the title of “Model Worker of Shanghai”.

Landscape Lighting – the Name Card of Shanghai

Thierry Marsick, Director of Urban Lighting Department, City of Lyon

Thierry Marsick is an engineer from the National Institute of Applied Sciences – INSA Lyon. He has worked for the City of Paris, Grenoble and today Lyon. Since 2012, he is responsible for urban lighting department of the City of Lyon, which comprises 74 000 streetlights and more than 350 illuminations. He manages the units in charge of lighting design, maintenance and logistic. This team is also very involved in the Lyon Light Festival and creates every year an art project for this event.

Amandine Serol, Project Manager to Karine Dognin-Sauze, International Relations, City of Lyon

Amandine Serol has been involved in the field of international relations, attractiveness and marketing for almost 10 years. After various positions in the international offices of the Métropole de Lyon, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon and ADERLY, today she works alongside Karine Dognin-Sauze, Deputy Mayor of Lyon for International Relations and Vice-President of the Métropole de Lyon in charge of the Smart City, Digital and Innovation. In particular, she participated in welcoming President Xi Jinping to Lyon in March 2014.

Sungde Hong, Professor of Interior Design, University of Shin Ansan; President of Korea Association of Lighting Designers (KALD) and Urban Lighting Advisory member for Seoul and other cities

Prof. Hong specialises in urban lighting policy. His research focuses on the nighttime light pollution, specifically related to the Light Pollution Prevention Act in Korea. His research also includes media façades especially in regards to digital LED billboard technology.

Yu Fei, Director of Landscape Department of Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau

Yu Fei is responsible for the landscape improvement of Hangzhou G20 and other major events and led the revision of Hangzhou Urban Lighting Master Plan, actively integrating landscape lighting into social activities. He is the first person in China to put forward the work plan of «connected control and broadcast» of outdoor display screens, which formed the Hangzhou model management mode.

Hao Luoxi, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, serves as Vice Chairman of CIE (Commission Internationale de l’éclairage), Vice President of CIES

Hao Luoxi has been engaged in teaching, scientific research and engineering practice of light, vision, color and lighting design for a long time. In recent years, she has focused on evidence-based research, design and application of healthy light environments for human settlements.

Design and Innovation: Learning from Shanghai’s partners

Zhang Huajun, Founder and Chairman of Emperyland Smart Energy Group 

Peter Zhang, Founder and Chairman of Emperyland Smart Energy Group, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Green. Industry Alliance, is the inventor of the world’s first solar smart brick and the solar smart zebra crossing. He has obtained more than 100 patented technologies and led the company to win many awards, such as China’s Outstanding Innovative Enterprises and Asian Photovoltaic Diamond Award.

Lin Zhiming, President and Executive Director of BPI, director of CIES (China Illuminating Engineering Society)

Lin Zhiming is President and Executive Director of BPI, national senior lighting designer, member of IESNA, and director of CIES. He has devoted himself to lighting design for more than 20 years, especially specialising in landscape lighting design of buildings. He has won many awards in the domestic and international lighting design industry many years in a row.

Wang Gang, Founder of Shanghai Grand Light Co., Ltd

Gang Wang is Founder of Shanghai Grand Light Co., Ltd, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Technology Association, and committee member of China Illuminating Engineering Society and Shanghai Illuminating Society, and national first-grade lighting designer. He leads the team that received the title of “Little Giant” enterprise of Shanghai city and “Specialised and New area” enterprise of Shanghai city, as well as completes many landmark projects which received the first laurel prize of CIES Prize.

Claire Sun, General Manager of Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technology Inc.

Claire Sun is the General Manager of Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technology Inc. and is also the Director of Shanghai Landscape Lighting Committee. Claire has worked in McKinsey, Statistics New Zealand and Melbourne Institute of Applied Economy and Social Research for over five years. She has broad experience in social economy and market research. After joining Luoman Lighting Inc., she has gained various experiences in urban landscape lighting and implementing large city-scaled lighting projects.

Jim Anderson, Global Market Segment Manager, Signify

Jim Anderson is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and is on the advisory board of Strategies in Light. He has more than 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, focusing on LED lighting system and applications for the past 15 years, and is an expert in landmark lighting of buildings.

Open Conference Sessions

Track 1

Ingemar Johansson, Head of Public Lighting, City of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Ingemar Johansson is an engineer from Carlsberg School in Kalmar and marketing economist from the IHM Business School in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has been working for the last 17 years for the City of Gothenburg in the Traffic Department. Under his leadership, the streetlighting control system has been developed and implemented.

Chen Quan, Senior Engineer, City of Nanjing (China)

Chen Quan is the Director of the landscape design center in the street lamp management office of the City of Nanjing. She mainly engages in urban light planning and design, architectural lighting design, etc. In recent years, she had completed several urban light planning and landmark lighting design projects, including the lighting design of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, the Expo Park of the 10th Horticultural Exposition in Jiangsu province, and the Xuanwu lake scenic area.

From 2016-2018, she and her team members also completed the nightscape light planning and design of the main urban area in Nanjing. She has won many national and industrial awards, such as «Asian lighting design award», «Alighting award», and more.

Heike Bunte, Research Assistant/Project Manager Lucia, Hamburg – Borough of Altona (Germany)

Heike has over 10 years of experience with projects concerning climate change, safety in urban areas and infrastructure planning. Working experiences in New Zealand, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Germany helped to do empirical research with different target groups on active mobility and safety. During her career at the Technical University in Dresden, Germany she worked with over 300 elderly people towards objective and subjective safety in urban areas. Before starting to work for the City of Hamburg, she was responsible for the monitoring of over 20 projects on the national level towards active mobility, urban planning and infrastructure.

Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Director of Oulu2026, City of Oulu (Finland)

Piia Rantala-Korhonen works as Director and Advisor to the Mayor of the City of Oulu, responsible for International Affairs and the bidding office of Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture. She has worked with art and culture in many organisations on a national and international level. She holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Helsinki. She has completed postgraduate studies in governance, leadership and management.

Track 2

Rein Haak, Head of Department of Communal Services, Tartu City Government (Estonia)

Rein Haak has worked for the Tartu City Government for 18 years and for the last 14 years has been Head of the Department of Communal Services. He is responsible for vital urban areas such as: street lighting, public transport, traffic, road construction, green area management, environment and more. Over the past few years, Rein has led a street lighting renovation program (LED lighting development), initiation of the TAVA Light Festival, and development of architectural lighting for the city’s public spaces.

Bian Qing Ming, Director of Design, Shanghai Yifei Lighting Design Co., Ltd (China)

Bian Qing Ming is a member of the Shanghai Lighting Engineering Association. He has devoted himself to the research of lighting design for more than 20 years, specialising in architectural landscape lighting design, and has won many awards in the domestic and international lighting design industries. For example, the Shanghai Donglin Temple landscape lighting won the second prize of 2013 Zhongzhao lighting design award (partner Shanghai Yaming) and the Shandong Sakura lake sports park lighting design won the 45th IES highest prize in 2018 (Shanghai Hyundai).

Irina Tsvetkova, Chief Specialist, Main Architectural and Planning Department of the Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning SBI (State Budgetary Institution) (Russia)

Irina Tsvetkova is an architect, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia, a laureate of the 2006 Moscow award in the field of literature and art, and a member of the Arts Council of the Architectural Council of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning. Irina is a leading expert in the field of architectural lighting and has more than 20 works. She took an active part in the development of the concept of architectural lighting of the “Moscow-City” complex of buildings, as well as other unique objects in the “architectural lighting” sections in integrated landscape design projects.

Olli Markkanen, Head of Unit, Municipal Engineering, City of Helsinki (Finland)

Olli Markkanen graduated in 2001 with a Master’s of Science from the Helsinki University of Technology. In 2002 he started as the Manager of the Outdoor Lighting at Helsinki Energy (89000 lighting points). The network and organisation moved in 2015 to the city organisation. Last year, the other technical networks (traffic lights, street heating, public toilets, pumping stations, etc.) of the city were merged into the same engineering unit led by O. Markkanen. Previously, he has also overseen the lighting design for the neighboring cities and Helsinki Vuosaari Harbour project. His career began in 2000 at the distribution network starting the NIS based network calculations and design.

Jean-Michel Deleuil, Professor, INSA Lyon (France)

Jean-Michel Deleuil has been teaching urban planning for twenty years at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Lyon). He is also a researcher for the lab “Triangle” of the National Centre for Scientific Research. His work concerns nighttime management in cities and urban lighting policies. He has been a LUCI member since 2003.


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