Night view on both sides of Huangpu River © Liu Xiuguo

LUCI Annual General Meeting

25 – 27 September 2019

Welcome words from Shanghai

We are pleased to welcome you to Shanghai to participate in the LUCI Annual General Meeting 2019.

Since Shanghai began its urban landscape lighting in the Bund area of Huangpu River in 1989, the perfect blend of local culture and light art has revealed Shanghai’s unique charm.

The nightscape has become one of the most important identities of the city. In recent years, more attention has been paid to sustainable development and energy efficiency in this field. At the same time, cultural heritage and creativity are also better balanced and integrated.

We strive to create a comfortable, beautiful, harmonious and ecological light environment for the citizens and tourists at night.

You are most welcome to join us for the LUCI AGM Shanghai 25-27 September 2019. We look forward to sharing with you our experience and best practices in urban lighting. I hope that you will feel the beauty of Shanghai in this autumn season and the hospitality of the people.

Deng Jianping
Director General, Shanghai Landscaping
& City Appearance Administrative Bureau

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