LUCI Annual General Meeting
Jyväskylä – Speakers

Plenary session: Urban Lighting in Jyväskylä

Kari Ström, Service Manager, City of Jyväskylä

Kari Ström is a service manager at the City of Jyväskylä, with more than 30 years of experience in city engineering and urban development projects. He was the father of the idea for Jyväskylä to become a City of Light in Finland in late 90’s. Along with the the City of Light project, he is currently also in charge of public transport in Jyväskylä.

Elisa Hillgen, Lighting Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä

Elisa Hillgen is a lighting designer and a City of Light coordinator at the City of Jyväskylä. She has previously worked in the field of building and interior design, and has 15 years of experience in different fields of lighting. For the last six years, she has focused on urban lighting and light art projects. Her job as the lighting coordinator of Jyväskylä includes taking care of the dark time cityscape by organizing design projects and maintenance for urban lighting and working in the light festival team.

Mikko Maunula, Civil engineer, urban lighting & maintenance, City of Jyväskylä

Mikko Maunula works as a construction engineer at City of Jyväskylä. His main responsibilities are overseeing and coordinating the planning of outdoor lighting grid and asset management. Mikko got his Bachelors degree in automation engineering in 2011 and has previously worked as an design engineer and an electrician.

LUCI Talks

Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers, Light Collective

Light Collective is a UK-based lighting consultancy that has worked all over the world with a huge portfolio of innovative projects that include film making, art, events, community outreach, light activism, exhibitions, architectural design, books and education.

Their work always has light at the heart of it and constantly looks to promote light, lighting design and lighting designers to as wide an audience as possible. Light Collective is only two people: Martin Lupton who has a PhD in Lighting and Sharon Stammers who has an MSc. They have both worked in the lighting industry for over 25 years and started Light Collective in 2009.

In 2019, Light Collective were awarded People of the Year from the Lux Awards for recognition of their work and their global activism project, Women In Lighting, won a LIT Award in 2020.

Chiara Carucci, Lighting Designer – IALD Associate

Winner of the WIL Awards 2021, among the best ”40 under 40” at the Lighting Design Awards 2016, Chiara is a lighting designer, with a focus on public realm, cultural and natural heritage. Chiara practices as an independent professional, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams of experts; she is also the main lighting designer for Eskilstuna, a Swedish municipality, since 2017.

Chiara combines her professional activity with thought leadership and advocacy for the Lighting Design; she currently serves in the Steering Committee of the LIRC, and supports the Nordic Chapter of the IALD.

Inkyu Choi, Director-General of the Design Policy Bureau at Seoul Metropolitan Government

Inkyu Choi is Director-General of the Design Policy Bureau at Seoul Metropolitan Government. He is in charge of overseeing policies and projects to realize the Design City Seoul, has nearly 30 years of experience in urban design, including researchers, professors, and civil servants. He worked on the Design Seoul project in the past, contributing greatly to the development of the color and font of Seoul. He is currently leading a new change in Seoul by working on the “Design Seoul 2.0” project.

Light workshop leaders

Arto Heiskanen, Lighting Designer, BA; Co-founder, CEO, Lighting designer in WhiteNight Lighting Oy

Arto has experience in architectural lighting since 2000. For the last 10 years he has been working on architectural lighting and light art for urban spaces together with Joonas Saaranen at WhiteNight Lighting Oy. Arto is inspired by the possibilities of light and the diversity of natural light in landscape lighting, urban spaces and light art.

Arto Heiskanen photo

Annukka Larsen, Lighting Designer, B.A; Lighting Design Team Leader at WSP Design Studio Finland


Annukka is a lighting designer specialized in urban lighting planning. She leads a team of six lighting designers at Design Studio, WSP Finlands’ Multidisciplinary design unit. Before joining WSP four years ago Annukka was the Coordinator for City of Light Project in Jyväskylä for 10 years.

She has carried out a large-scale study about light pollution in Helsinki, on the basis of which the problem and solutions were described and appropriate follow-up measures were sought. Annukka has a special place in her heart for light festivals, Guerrilla Lighting events and witty light art.

Annukka Larsen photo

Heini Myllyoja, Lighting Designer, M.A.; Project Manager at WSP Design Studio Finland

Heini has a design experience including a wide range of lighting projects of various scales. In addition to urban and architectural lighting, she has also designed art installations and light art. Heini has been working in WSP Design Studio soon six years and in the architectural lighting field since the early 2000. As a Master of Arts in Visual Culture and Contemporary art Heini has ongoing passion to work for high quality design and visuality of everyday living environment. She loves to observe how space turns into place in the built environment.

Jari Vuorinen, Creative Director / Founding Partner, Lighting Design Collective

Jari is an experience designer working with light and media. His background spans from small artistic lighting interventions in the public realm to extensive city scale lighting masterplans. Jari is one of the partners of Lighting Design Collective, an international lighting design studio operating globally from Madrid, Helsinki and London.

Jari Vuorinen Photo


Kari Kola Photo

Kari Kola, Light Artist

Originating from Finland where autumns and winters are long and dark, Kari Kola has been motivated to become a light artist through the exploration of how to use light in order to utilize the darkness.

With over 20 years’ experience in the field, and leading over 2000 projects, he began his career in the theatre setting, exhibitions and orchestras. Following further experience in events and operas, he became increasingly inspired to work outside and create light art in extreme conditions – e.g. Stonehenge in the UK and other historical sites where temperatures vary from -45-degrees to +45 degrees Celsius.

Besides the focus on unique sites, Kari has also been working as a technical and artistic leader in festivals, operas, musicals, multi-art performances and opening ceremonies on a both national and international level.


LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards Spotlight

Şebnem Gemalmaz, Arup

Şebnem Gemalmaz is the leader of Arup’s lighting design discipline in Turkey with more than 15 years’ experience in the field. Trained urban planner, holding M.Sc. Urban Design (YTU-Turkiye) and M.Sc. Lighting Design (KTH-Sweden), her design approach has always been to link different professions and different dimensions to provide integrated design & planning solutions.

Sebnem has keen interest in nocturnal cities and leads the business across a wide range of public realm lighting projects through developing urban lighting strategies, policy making, stakeholder engagement etc. She is currently working on bridging social impact of lighting design and participatory night-time planning to create more socially resilient future for night-time cities.

Named as one of the ‘40 under 40’ designers in 2019, Sebnem has been also actively working as Ambassador of Turkey for the “Women in Lighting” movement as well as guest lecturing in several universities in Turkey.



Photo credits
© Jiri Halttunen; © Caroline Büttner Photography