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LUCI Annual General Meeting

Welcome words from Durham

13 – 16 November 2017

“This is Durham, Place of Light”

Durham is an inspiring place, where light connects the county on so many levels – from science, art and technology to business, tourism and the beauty of our breath-taking landscapes.

“This is Durham, Place of Light” shines a spotlight on our wonderful county as a place to be proud of; a beacon guiding businesses, residents and visitors alike to this vibrant place. We are delighted to welcome delegates to the LUCI Annual General Meeting 2017, here in Durham.

We are making great strides in realising the potential of light to transform our city and change perceptions of Durham as a place. Lumiere Durham, the UK’s largest light festival, which coincides with the LUCI AGM this year, attracts hundreds of thousands to our city and generates millions for our local economy. And we are using sustainable lighting to celebrate our unique history and heritage and to drive economic growth and job creation.

We have a story to tell and will be delighted to share it with you in November, when you will be assured the warmest of welcomes.

Councillor Bill Kellett

Chairman of Durham County Council


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