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LUCI Annual General Meeting

Exploring the Future of Urban Lighting

For centuries, lighting has accompanied the transformation of cities with a focus on safety, beauty and sustainability over the years. Today, as we consider the new “game changing” developments in the field, we ask ourselves: how are various fields of urban policies impacted by lighting (planning, design, architecture, mobility, security, energy transition, regeneration, health, culture ….).

During its 20th Anniversary AGM in Busan, LUCI brings together experts and cities to share insights and perspectives as we continue the exploration of what is desirable for the future of urban lighting.

The LUCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) brings together the members of LUCI for its General Assembly as well as conferences, working group meetings, open conference sessions and the discovery of the host city and its lighting projects and policies.

This year’s AGM will be hosted by Busan Metropolitan City, the second largest city in South Korea with beautiful natural sceneries of mountains and beaches and popular host of international conferences in Asia. The LUCI AGM in 2022, from 19 to 22 October, will be an exceptional occasion to exchange on the topic “Exploring the Future of Urban Lighting”, discussing lighting strategies, projects, and share about some of the core missions and evolutions of urban lighting today.

The AGM will continue the celebrations of the network’s 20 year anniversary and share knowledge within the urban lighting community through keynotes, roundtables and other participatory moments.

It will also be the moment to find out the winners of the new LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards during the special awards ceremony.


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