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18-19 March 2021

LUCI City under Microscope Stavanger

We are delighted to announce that the LUCI City under Microscope Stavanger will be held online from 18-19 March 2021.

In Stavanger, light is important for many reasons. Situated in the northern part of Europe, with a long dark period, we need artificial light for both creating safe and secure environments and for beautification and highlighting historical buildings. Light can also help inspire people to spend more time outdoors even when it is dark.

Stavanger formerly relied heavily on the shipping and canning industries. Oil was first discovered in the North Sea outside Stavanger 50 years ago. Stavanger became the energy capital of Norway and this transformed the city into a more vibrant and international city. Today we have citizens from more than 189 countries.

The city of Stavanger has a long history of adapting to changes in industry needs and user behavior. Recently, the city has committed to becoming a smart city with a roadmap created in 2017 to govern Stavanger Smart City. Today, the smart city office coordinates and leads several new technology projects relying on cross-disciplinary ecosystem cooperation and citizen involvement.

We look forward to discussing all of these topics with you during the online event and hope to welcome you in Stavanger when it is once again safe and possible to do so.

Kari Nessa

Kari Nessa Nordtun
Mayor City of Stavanger

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