LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop 2022


The “2022 LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop” is co-hosted with Seoul Metropolitan Government. It will take place online; 16-17 June 2022. Under the theme of  The Future of Urban Lighting after COVID-19, this online workshop will offer inspiration for innovative ideas and insights on urban lighting by sharing case studies of various cities, lectures, and discussions.


Cities are cautiously restoring their pre-COVID-19 lives. The workshop will have three key words — Well-being, Recovery, and Innovation — to give us an important opportunity to think and discuss about the optimal role of urban lighting in this wake of the pandemic and beyond.


Since 2017, the “LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop” has achieved meaningful progress in sharing about present and future of urban lighting. Your participation is most welcomed, hence we can jointly shed light on the future of urban lighting.


In 2022, LUCI is celebrating 20 years of connecting cities with light. This year is the opportunity to reflect on all that has been learned and shared throughout various events, including the LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop. We hope you will join us for this pivotal moment to exchange and progress together to shape the Future of Urban Lighting!




For more information about the workshop and how to register, please visit our website at www.asiaurbanlighting.org. If you have any questions, please contact the 2022 LUCI Asia Urban Lighting Workshop Secretariat at aulw2022@thegdfactory.com, or the LUCI Regional Office for Asia at lroa.tc@seoul.go.kr.